Our Team

Company History

LightCo supplies light fixture packages and ceiling fans to the Multi-Family Building Sector across the nation.

With over 90 years of combined experience in the lighting field, our team provides the industry with a professional and cost-effective approach to putting together a quality package that adds value and appeal to the property.

From a design standpoint, we work with owners and designers to offer the latest trends and styles. We work to offer unique packages by keeping in mind the property management’s goal to stand out from the competition and offer lessees more value, in style. From a cost standpoint, we work with General Contractors and/or Electrical Contractors and their Project Managers to meet the budget, offering more cost-effective choices where possible. Whether you are dealing with Energy Star, LEED, Title 24, Dark Sky, or other specific qualifications we ensure you are meeting the goals and specifications of your project.

From an administration standpoint, we assign a project coordinator and Project Manager to each project to work with the salesperson. They maintain communication with your project manager, superintendent, and onsite personnel to properly schedule, allocate, and manage the lighting package. LightCo maintains a tracking document of each project updated daily to show what has been completed versus items still to be delivered.

From a follow through standpoint, we offer a standard industry warranty. We provide “as-built” documents when needed, written warranty papers, and contact information as the property is turned over to ownership. LightCo furnishes the property management with a detailed list of fixture replacement part numbers, lamp/light bulb information, and after-market recommendations for any replacement needed.